table of contents.

in the middle of the ‘after’.

when the light leaves.

the scattering, and the coming back together.

the power of words, and the alleviation of pain.

when the whole world feels dark.

having your mind full of everything and nothing, while searching for a something.

traveling far to come home to yourself.

paying the light forward, and a wide, wide world.

our lives were not destined to be small.

i would rather just be human; nothing more, nothing less.

holding our fragments with forgiveness.

on being wildly, wildly alive.

a few words for the hard days.

from empty bones to a painted world.

grounding yourself, soothing your ache, even in pain.

the one degree shift.

leaving behind fear, and trusting the wisdom of mind, body, and soul.

when the universe knocks you down, listen to its message.

three hundred and sixty five days of keeping my word.

when there is no magic to midnight.

the gifts that are more important than any present this holiday season.

when it hurts to no longer hurt, and the new hurt that this creates.

when you don’t know where your words hide, have patience.

the liebster award.

the unsettling nostalgia of sickness, and the truth beneath.

an ode to the unloved heart.

as you are.

when cognitive dissonance tears you apart, give yourself grace.

when thanksgiving is far from perfect, and falling in love with that anyway.

a feeling, an emptiness, and a bridge.

we begin. we write. we persist. eventually, we become.